LaceyCee Photography, Hamilton Glenview & Te Awamutu

Your photographer: Stacey Smith

Address: 369 Puniu Road, Te Awamutu & Glenview Community Centre 12 Tomin Rd, Glenview, Hamilton



I grew up in the Waikato and I’m proud to say I still call it home today.  I am married with three beautiful children.  My step-son Campbell and my babies Isabella and Zachary.  I am a lifestyle photographer who loves to celebrate the beauty and strength of people.  I love how a single still photograph can tell a story and create so much emotion in the viewer.  My passion for photography started early when I chose my first ever work experience at a photography studio when I was just 10 years old.  After the birth of my son I decided to take my lifelong passion for photos and start my new adventure with my business LaceyCee Photography.  I have a small home studio in Te Awamutu and I also really enjoy to shot on location in my favourite place, the outdoors.  I love to capture those sparkly eyes and big expressions in a natural fun way.  I love to work with the environment and the colours that each new season brings.