How it works

You’ll need to choose from available dates, our hosts offer pop-ins just once or twice per month.

Have your credit card handy, as you’ll need to pay in advance when booking online.

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You’re welcome to bring along toys, blankets or small props to show your child’s growth and personalise your photos. You don’t need to bring along anything else (except the baby!)

Give your name (the one you booked under, usually mum’s name) to the assistant, she will note your details on a small whiteboard.

You may need to wait your turn, as up to 20 other babies are booked for the same time slot – that sounds like you’ll be queuing for hours, but don’t worry! Each child takes only a few short minutes to photograph. Once you’ve been shot, kindly make your way out of the studio to leave room for others.

On that note, its best to leave buggys outside to save space in the studio.

We strongly recommend that you don’t turn up at the very start of the hour, usually we have a crowd for the first 20 minutes then an empty studio for the remaining 40. Be clever, be late.

If you’re extra late and you miss your hour, just come along anyway, the pop-in day is flexible and relaxed.

NOTE: for Family Pop-ins (unlike all other Pop-in specials) please be advised that your session time is not flexible, you must arrive 10 minutes before your 5 minute time slot to ensure you don’t miss your spot.

You will receive an email from us within 7 days of your shoot with a link to download your portrait.

Your photo is high resolution and ready to print/share, make sure you check out our downloading tips too.

If you don’t receive an email or your photos aren’t showing when you click through to view please email us – we have a couple of bugs in our backend system that we are working to resolve, but in the meantime we can easily relink you to your photos when you get in touch via email!

You can cancel or reschedule your appointment online anytime before your shoot, just click ‘change appointment’ on your confirmation email. Remember your session fee is non-refundable if you cancel, so use the reschedule option to transfer your payment!

NOTE: when rescheduling a limited time ‘special’ such as a sibling Pop-in or Family Pop-in, there may not be future events available to reschedule to, in this instance your booking is forfeited.

If you have more questions check out our rescheduling and cancellation policy here