We expect to see a return of these specials in October/November across the country (in time for Christmas prezzies!)

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You need to read this first

Family Pop-ins will be on specific dates, family portraits in the Pop-in format are not available at any other time.

Shoot are $90 for 5 minutes in the studio and 1-3 digital photos sent after the session in the usual Pop-in fashion. Unlike normal Pop-ins you will have a set session time for the 5mins rather than a flexible hour timeslot, punctuality is very important for these sessions as refunds are not available for those who miss their slot on the day. Please also note those booking in Karori will need to wait outside in the cold or in their car as we have no space inside for waiting, fingers crossed for a fine day!

We’ll be aiming at getting more than one photo for each family but only so much is humanly possible in 5 minutes! Your family will be photographed ALL TOGETHER ONLY, this is *not* like a mini or a normal shoot where different combos like mum&bub etc will be included too, it’s the whole family together only, but maybe in a couple of different poses if time allows.

This $90 special is designed for families with one or two children.

Shoots are available for groups made up of TWO categories from the following:
A. 1 or 2 parents
B. 1 or 2 grandparents
C. one newborn (under 2 months),
D. no more than two kids aged between 2mths-36mths, (if you have two kids, one within this bracket and one elder, that still counts as this ONE category)
E. up to 3 kids if all aged 3yrs+,
F. 5 kids max if they’re all over 5yrs
G. 1 small, well behaved dog

This is a bit complicated: if you don’t get it please ask first! Or check out our conversation in Popaholics 

For groups with THREE of the above categories in their family, a $50 add on fee will apply – tick “extra people” and make sure your total is $140 before confirming.

Families made up of FOUR OR MORE of these groups, I’m sorry this event is not for you, we can’t do you justice in 5 minutes. Please get in touch with your photographer to book a standard family shoot where you can get personal attention and plenty of gorgeous photos to choose from.

Ts & Cs: all the usual Pop-in policies apply (termsprivacy), fees will be refundable only for muddled up bookings if you email us right away, if anyone in your family is sick on the day or you miss your spot and we can’t fit you in later, sorry no refunds (someone else who missed out on booking could have come in the time you reserved, so its only fair). On the day upgrades will not be available, so please plan carefully before locking down your spot.