Equipment checklist

Make sure you’ve got all the bits and bobs you need to make your Pop-ins a success. Order your Pop-in specific items below, and use the checklist at the end to ensure you’ve dotted all your i’s and crossed your t’s.

Pop-in specific equipment ordering links

Your Pop-in chair – be sure to select a white chair with beech/pine legs. It is crucial that your Pop-in chair matches the brand standard.

Small whiteboards and whiteboard pens – order at least 6 of these to create a reference shot so you know who’s baby is who

Squeaky toys and puppets – start building a collection of toys that make interesting sounds or perform fun tricks (eg. nibbling toes) to attract baby’s attention

Tickler – your most valuable asset, order a couple, they get grubby quickly. Extendable woollen duster.

Order a Pop-in flag so your customers know where to find you on the day. A teardrop flag should cost you around $150-300, use our template and order from a local supplier near you – or check out Warehouse Stationery printing service.

Print off a ‘check in here’ signage so your customers know where to go next.

Bubbles and kushballs for entertaining tricky toddlers in the chair. Order in bulk as these get used up and lost regularly. Kushballs can also be found locally at The Warehouse but aren’t available for ordering online. Large pompoms or other soft balls also work for this game of catch and throw.

Other supplies your Pop-in kit should include:
Dettol wipes

Water wipes





Hand sanitiser


Changing pad

Check you’ve got everything!