Merry Pop-ins!

Our Merry Pop-ins Christmas special follows the exact same format as our monthly Pop-ins, but with a Christmas themed backdrop! In November/December we also have normal ‘white’ Pop-ins available and we urge our regular poppets to pop twice so as not to have a gap or an odd one out in their annual collection.

Add ons: this year you have the option of adding a second frame from your shoot, a close up, note that this is a second image captured at a closer crop in camera, so your child’s expression will vary, they may smile more in the close up shot. Please also note, there is only one close up available per appointment, if you have multiple children and would like a close up add on for each of them, please book a separate appointment per child (you will need to go through the booking form for each appointment, sorry!)

IMPORTANT If you have more than one child:

  • At our busiest venues Karori, Bryndwr, Woolston and Freeman’s Bay, we have separate sibling only events/time slots available. If you are located in these Wellington, Christchurch or Auckland and would like a Christmas portrait of your children together, please select these special appointment types that include the words ‘SIBLING special’.
  • All venues offer the opportunity to order individual portraits of each of your children +$20 each
  • All other venues offer the opportunity to order a sibling portrait of up to two children together, these children need to be able to fit in our Pop-in chair at the same time. Sibling portraits are $60 in addition to at least one $20 individual portrait.

For help booking or changing your appointment, please contact via email

Bookings for 2019 Merry Pop-ins open September – pre-register below to be among the first in the know